for darabuka (hand drum) and orchestra

Details: 3 percussion - strings (

Composed: 2015

Duration: 13'

Publisher: Iceland Music Information Centre

3 percussions
I. cym (susp), glock, Udu drum, Aluphone Concert
II. vibe, tamtam (med), Thunder Drum (amplified), Frame drum (large)
III. crotales,(2 oct), Tub. B., B. dr.
Concertino group: clarinet in Bb, violin, cello, (placed on a platform within the orchestra, near the soloist)

Capriccio was composed for myself to illustrate the technique which I´ve been developing on this instrument since childhood.Despite the traditions that exist in the countries from which most goblet drums origin, I decided to approach the instrument in a way I imagined a Nordic European would do to utilise it´s possibilities to a maximum.
Analysing it and trying out it´s potentials led to the conclusion of holding both hands abowe the instrument so that all ten fingers and the palms of the hands could be used on the membrane in a variety of ways.
Rather than writing a method book on these techniques, which would involve the most complex descriptions and be unendingly absorbing in time from my composing activities, I decided to write a concerto for it and document it´s execution as well as I could.
In this aforementioned long process of technical discoveries and constant practising which naturally comes with it, this instrument has given me great inspiration for my composition writings through the years as well as keeping both hands and mind in a constantly alert state.
For this, I am most greateful.
The main instrument on which I am premiering this piece (Concert House Hof, Akureyri, Iceland, October 22nd, 2017) is hand made in Jerusalem with thick concrete walls and a fish rod membrane.
The smaller drum is a traditional small copper Darabuka from Turkey

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